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   The site revamp is now well under way, it's going to be filled with info on getting into the sport. Keep looking in as I keep adding new content - Andy





Buying a Used Kayak




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Choosing a Sit On Top Kayak

‘SOT’ kayaks are our preference but all will be explained. Anyone looking into getting into the sport is usually met with a mine…

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Download it, register and use it! RYA SafeTrx The CG66 scheme has now been replaced by the ‘SafeTrx’ app as of 2018. If you are a Kayak Angler…

How to get back to shore if it all goes wrong! This page has been taken and adapted from a forum post about paddling on the sea in…

PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO READ THIS THOROUGHLY Our aim is to promote safety whilst out on the water so please take time to read the information thoroughly.…

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Whether or not it looks nice ALWAYS check the weather prior to launching! Most people walk around town, work or where ever not taking notice…

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Site Merchandise

Caps, decals, t-shirts, hoodies We try to recoup the running costs of the site which consists of monthly hosting fees and annual forum software (the best available) and…

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Personal Stats

Here’s some helpful hints on getting the best of buying clothing. Personal statistic sizes mean a lot to us as we can advise you faster…