1st of July Quickie

  1. After getting home from work later than expected last night I checked the forecast as usual, It looked promising with a dying sea and the wind dropping off. A couple of quick texts later on in the night saw me Andy and Fozally deciding that it may be worth wetting the Yaks.

    We met at Andy’s at 10am this morning got loaded up and headed to the launch site. Once launched there was quite a swell to contend with and a few wave walls to climb over:P, but as forecast it was dying down. The water however was quite coloured after the last few days Northerly winds.

    Fozzy was into a fish as soon as he started but lost it before getting it into the yak, I yakked a codling of around 2lb which I returned. Andy was next into action with a codling of around 3lb which was kept for tea:). A couple more were lost and returned before we decided to head home.

    The NNE swell was creating a no go area where we usually land so a quick rethink had us paddling South and coming in from the South side of the ‘steel’, the exposed skeer creating a calm area behind it.

    Not the best fishing, but considering the water colour it was no surprise.

    The good the bad and the ugly:rock: or something like that:lmao:


    A slimline Yakker:up:



    The man in the signlol


  2. 1.jpg


    Just a couple of Wayne cos no-one ever thinks of taking them of him cos he does all the shooting :)


    I hooked into a 1.5kg (only digital scales I had with me) on mackerel daylites and the lowrance ff was great but I need more time to play with it…


    Fozzy sitting chilled out on the water


    The 3 yaks ready to launch :)


    Wayne getting his rigs sorted n setting up


    Fozzy getting his gear sorted ready to launch

    The swells were over 6ft I’d say while we were sat out there and fished. The water was a tad murky which always knocks the fish off but it’s clearing and dropping off now. Like Wayne posted, we had to paddle right around the steel to get in without fear of tipping and I videoed a bit of it to show the surf and way in but Wayn’es gunna save a few trips up n make one video rather than one short one.

    Thanks for getting me out there lads I loved it n love the Hobie even more now with it’s awesome turn of speed n maneuverability :rock:

    ps: Wayne I actually do look like a swan vesta reet noo lol

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