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Paddle Buddies

If your new to the sport and need someone to get out there with you can ask here. A paddle buddy is very important to the sport of kayak fishing as you learn what each others habits are and your individual needs plus a load more besides. Simply post and ask if there’s anyone in […]

Fog – Let’s make it clear!

FOG – It WILL kill you! We’ve created this page to get it across to people around the UK that it’s not only bloody stupid to go out in foggy conditions but it’s also totally disrespectful to the growing numbers of kayak anglers around the UK who are responsible & respect the fact that all […]

North East Kayak Fishing

All Systems Go! Yes I’ve spent over a year fiddling around as and when I got the time and have finally gotten around to something I’ve always wanted. A technical marvel! I’ve put the site up and integrated the fully interactive site with the forums so you only need to register once to access everything. […]

Karitek Roof Rack

Karitek Roof Rack

Karitek Roof Rack How to use it It’s only taken me 5 years to do it but here’s my article on how the Karitek roof rack works. Somebody out there may be interested in getting one and hopefully this will help? We took pictures of every stage of the loading process so you can see […]