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Kayak Attire

Right it’s time to put this to bed once and for all! Whether you agree or disagree these are the facts about what you can and can’t wear on your kayak to fish.  With over ten years of kayaking, surfing and general experience I feel experienced, educated and confident enough to be able to give […]

Winter Kayak Fishing

We thought it best to compose this page after witnessing the changes in attitude of a lot of newer kayak anglers in the last few years. It seems that the more common use of “dry suits” has given people an extra special sense of reassurance to go out in all kinds of weather and take […]



We’ve allocated a spot in the site for Al of the Kayak Fishing Shack so he can advertise his new business and give you all the information you need 🙂

Equipment Reviews

If your a manufacturer or distributor and want your product reviewed properly, why not get the most experienced and responsible people to do it? Contact Andy via the site contact page for more details and to arrange something. If you get any requests for kayaks or equipment it will only come from me (Andy) as […]

Get Involved

Got videos and pix to share? post them here to let the world see them 🙂 This site is about you and what you do out there so let people know about your kayak fishing exploits from rigging to fishing! Got a problem just email us for help and let us sort it!