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KFUK down time

Sorry if you’ve recently visited to find the site down or unavailable but we’ve had major issues with our hosting service. Things should begin to smooth out now though as Andy has sussed out the issue and solved it and has also upgraded the server hardware to make it quicker so as always things will […]

H2O Paddle Clip – review

Coming very soon… http://www.h2okayaks.com/engine/shop/product/H20KB12/H2o+Deck+Universal+Mounted+Paddle+Clip We just need the right kayak to fit it on…

Ocean Marauder – kayak review

Ocean Marauder Fishing Kayak Review (ongoing)   Unwrapping Video First Impression Well its taken a while due to work and other interests as well as it being December but we managed to meet up to wet this new, incredibly cheap kayak and boy oh boy were we surprised!¬† Unpacking the kayak we expected to find […]

Galaxy Tandem Fisher Pro Review

Coming very soon…

H2o Kayak/Canoe Hoist

H2o Kayak/Canoe Hoist

H2o Kayak/Canoe Hoist Review   The H2o Kayak/Canoe Hoist arrives well packed with the contents being sturdy and of good quality. You get two options for mounting the hoist brackets – either attach it to exposed ceiling joists or to a flat ceiling, all fixings are included, however if your ceiling is concrete you will […]

H2o Roller Load Assister

H2o Roller Load Assister

¬†Andy’s review   Here’s our review of the H2o Roller Load Assister. Having just scrapped my van and replaced it with an estate car I found this the ideal opportunity to try this cool gadget out. I’d washed the car the day before trying it out so thought it’d be fine. I’d stuck the device […]