A Warning to all as Summer Approaches

Click here to read the full sad story.

There’s just been a terrible tragedy in North East England where 3 young guys from my home town of South Shields were drowned in the river Tyne, inland near Hexham as they paddled and played on their sit on top kayak(s). I don’t know the full story yet but let this be a heads up to the UK and anyone getting into kayak fishing that it is a dangerous and serious sport and hobby.

My heart goes out to the families and friends of those killed, they must be going through absoluter hell today and for a long time to come. All I can do is try to spread the word and help keep the sport as safe as possible by posting their sad news. I hope it helps save lives around the country so by reading this you know your in danger by going out on the water and please listen to those who are experienced and try to get out there with them as it really could save your life.


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