Back in April 2003, site owner Andy Winter decided to search the net for information on ‘rigging’ his play/surf kayak (Perception Scooter) that he’d been going out on for a few years locally to kayak fish in summer on. Andy had primarily bought the Perception Scooter as a surfing kayak but during summer would take a rucksack & spinning rod to fish for Mackerel on in-shore waters when the surf wasn’t up.  While searching the net for kayak fishing gear and information and only finding information (and some awesome kayaks) across the pond in the American kayak fishing forums he found that there was nothing here in the UK with regards to kayak fishing and having already owned his own angling web-site for a few years had the skills and knowledge to put up a site so Kayak Fishing UK was born! The UK’s friendliest and most informational kayak fishing forum has all you need to get started and some great links to info you’ll love so get involved!


During 2019 Andy has now  completed the site rebuild and is still working hard behind the scenes on links and site navigation, advertising and lots more too. The site is a state of the art technical marvel! Fully interactive with Facebook so you can now log-in using your Facebook account. The kayak fishing forums have been tweaked to add the brilliant ‘chat box’ where members can say hi to each other and chat in real time whilst logged into the kayak fishing forums. Our kayak fishing forums are running on the most technically advanced forum software available out there .Nothing has been left out and we’re always looking for ways to improve so if you have an idea we’re all ears 😉 We always need help and are always looking for others to get involved so get stuck in and help us promote the sport!


Kayak Fishing in the UK is possibly the fastest growing participation sport around right now and the future is looking very good indeed. Our main concern though is the fact that there’s so many new comers to the sport who are being introduced to it by people who do not have experience and are teaching new comers all their bad habits or ways eg; paddling in fog or choppy seas. There’s been a lot of smaller kayaks put out there as “fishing kayaks” which is bringing down the cost for anyone joining the sport but it’s also bringing with it the dangers of taking a small kayak out on a large sea in dangerous conditions and endangering lives. We need to stick together as a unit and responsible paddlers to promote the sport as safely as possible in the UK.

This main site is totally unique with it’s blog style approach and interactive interface. You can become a “contributor” or more depending on how much you want to get involved? just drop Andy an email Your more than welcome to post information to the masses and use the site as your vehicle. We see the site as just that! a vehicle to promote the sport by all, for all.

Our forums are there for support not to live in! We don’t expect you to be there all the time and we don’t expect to be either but we do our best to give advice and share information in a friendly atmosphere which we do expect you to do to as we’ve explained in the rules page. KFUK is all about sharing info around the UK and it’s not about any individual(s) wanting fame and fortune like other sites you may visit. Our sole aim is to promote the sport and help you enjoy it.

Thanks for taking the time to read this we hope you found it of use and interest. Now make the site your own by getting involved and help us spread the word in the right way!