Andy visits the big boys

It’s not often I post about my own trips out being site owner as I’m usually busy posting other peoples or helping out but this one’s a bit different;

The phone hadn’t rang for work this morning so taking full advantage of a beautiful day and enjoying the perks of being self employed I went for it :)
I got all the gear sorted after laying it out on the back lawn then headed down to the Little Haven hotel marina where there’s a ramp into the river Tyne. The tide was starting to ebb so it was perfect to get out… EXCEPT I’d left my 2 chosen rods lying on the back lawn lol so after unloading all the gear onto the yak, I packed up and headed home (a 5 minute drive) to get them (checking for calls as I did so but no-one had rang so I scarpered back to the launch lol

andy winters kayak fishing trip

I headed out into the harbour and it was blistering hot, so much so in my cut off shorty (shorter legs for pedalling and tanning) that I had to use a finger to repeatedly wipe my brow like a windscreen wiper! I was dripping!

andy winter

The cream building in the background is the hotel, behind it there’s a tiny beach with launch for the yacht club and sea wasps (jet skis) and canoe/sailing clubs etc. lol

andy winter

Approaching the nearest tanker. I’ve recently found out that these 4 ships are anchored and have been so for around two months ‘cos their company has gone bust so they can’t be moved.

andy winters hobie outback kayak
This is the closest one in, about 2 miles off. From the launch to the piers is a mile so 3 miles out I was loving it :) I caught a couple of Mackerel on my own home made holographic daylites and trolled a jelly lure with no success…

andy winter

I love mooching about on the sea and rivers on a kayak and the Hobie Outback just gives me that edge to twist and turn for pix and quick exits in the tide 8)

andy winters hobie outback

It was pretty neat sitting bobbing around beneath such giants! My stern actually hit the bulbous bow during this pic, hope nobody heard me ha ha lol It was eerie looking up at the side of the ship with huge anchors hanging over head!

All in I came away with 7 Mackerel and lost 5 on the lift and a few poor takes but loved it! A few fish for the table, lots returned and about 8 miles of pedalling after a 6 mile romp over the countryside at 6am-8am on the morning so I’m getting plenty of exercise and keeping that 4 stone off :up:


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