Blade Kayak Fishing and Adventure

We’ve had the chance to read the current issue of Blade Kayak Fishing Journal from our Kayak fishing buddies down under and what a cracking read it is.

It’s not wall to wall adverts as a lot of fishing magazines are just packed with good articles. As the wording of the cover page says it’s not all about kayak fishing, there is focus on the adventurous side of our sport and in a country the size of Australia there is plenty of scope for that. It would be worth a subscription to follow ‘the Tuffy’s Oz adventures’ about a kayak angler who has developed a new range of soft plastics given up the day job and is currently touring Australia with his wife and kids, living the dream whilst promoting his new lures. I know that would appeal to a lot of you.


There is also articles on cooking the catch and coverage of offshore kayak fishing competitions hosted in Australia and New Zealand and articles from yak fishers around the world.

The photography is great with plenty of fantastic pictures to go with the articles depicting fish the likes of which most of us can only dream about

[​IMG] [​IMG]

Fresh water kayak fishing as well a salt water are both well catered for with plenty of product reviews throughout the magazine as well.

The winter season is upon us with limited yak fishing so why not subscribe for some winter reading. The Blade Kayak Fishing Journal website is worth a good look with plenty of great reading and videos as well as magazine subscription information.


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