Bobs Perception Triumph

Last night I locked the yak n gear to/in the van ready to get up at 5am to get out with Wayne for an early sesh but over the last 2 days our home smoke alarms have gone bonkers! and it got worse as we were woken at 2.45 am by 2 smoke detectors going barmy in the hall and landing >:(

We rang an emergency number but no-one was there and then at 8am we were woken by the fookers ringing to ask why we rang >:( I was rough as owt and not a happy chappy at all but later on I noticed Battery Bob posted in chat he was going out at 1pm so rang the boss n ok’d it and got the gear ready (messed around with me rigs last night watchin telly). 10 mins later I had a wetsuit on and was ready to go ha ha :dance:

Bob and I decided to park in roker harbour and have a couple of hours out as I’d not got any change to pay for parking and we’d posted that location in the forums so stuck to it in case anyone turned up.

We paddled out of the harbour and headed just south to jig for coleys n mackerel but got nothing. I was just out to chill and give bob some experienced company to be honest so I trolled a cpl of lures on 2 rods n spun the hobie around testing it n getting used to it :nerd: and I must say I’m in love with it! I really can’t see me moving on from this baby :@ If I did it would have to be a new all bells n whistles version of this old one but it’s got me back into the sport with a vengeance and am working out more than ever now to keep me at it for a good few years yet :clap:

Anyway we traversed the harbour entrance and I carefully monitored Bob as the swell (bar) shook us about as well as the wake from a recent passing speedboat and he was fine on the Perception Triumph :up: We mooched around the North side of the harbour over the patch of hard ground there and got nowt. The clouds were building from the North and we saw rain coming so had a slow paddle in. Great company with a true gentleman and great to see him break his duck on the yak! He caught 2 and I got nowt heehee

here’s a few pics, I’ve sent Wayne the video to include in his next mashup if he wants it.


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