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The Jikka Rig

The Jikka Rig

The Japanese are masters of fishing soft plastics, this rig is simplicity in itself and allows the worm/shad etc to be fished horizontal in a lifelike fashion. Check out this youtube video, although it’s american I can’t see any reason it won’t work here, I’m going to have a go:-

Choosing A Kayak

For anyone new to the sport and wondering which kayak to invest in, there are plenty things to consider before shelling out your hard earned money. A few of the general things being: 1.what do you want to do with the kayak? 2. what size kayak should you buy? 3. how much should you spend? […]

Kayak Attire

Right it’s time to put this to bed once and for all! Whether you agree or disagree these are the facts about what you can and can’t wear on your kayak to fish.  With over ten years of kayaking, surfing and general experience I feel experienced, educated and confident enough to be able to give […]

Winter Kayak Fishing

We thought it best to compose this page after witnessing the changes in attitude of a lot of newer kayak anglers in the last few years. It seems that the more common use of “dry suits” has given people an extra special sense of reassurance to go out in all kinds of weather and take […]

Equipment Reviews

If your a manufacturer or distributor and want your product reviewed properly, why not get the most experienced and responsible people to do it? Contact Andy via the site contact page for more details and to arrange something. If you get any requests for kayaks or equipment it will only come from me (Andy) as […]

Get Involved

Got videos and pix to share? post them here to let the world see them 🙂 This site is about you and what you do out there so let people know about your kayak fishing exploits from rigging to fishing! Got a problem just email us for help and let us sort it!

Paddle Buddies

If your new to the sport and need someone to get out there with you can ask here. A paddle buddy is very important to the sport of kayak fishing as you learn what each others habits are and your individual needs plus a load more besides. Simply post and ask if there’s anyone in […]

Fog – Let’s make it clear!

FOG – It WILL kill you! We’ve created this page to get it across to people around the UK that it’s not only bloody stupid to go out in foggy conditions but it’s also totally disrespectful to the growing numbers of kayak anglers around the UK who are responsible & respect the fact that all […]

Karitek Roof Rack

Karitek Roof Rack

Karitek Roof Rack How to use it It’s only taken me 5 years to do it but here’s my article on how the Karitek roof rack works. Somebody out there may be interested in getting one and hopefully this will help? We took pictures of every stage of the loading process so you can see […]

Irresponsible Behaviour

Yet again it seems there are people willing to risk not only their lives but those of the rescue services, all for the sake of a few fish!!!. It was little over a year ago that we posted in the forums about the same irresponsible behaviour, by that we mean “launching into thick fog”.   For […]