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Since certain site members moved on and I suffered back injuries and work issues the sites become stale and stagnant so in the near future I’ll be making a lot of changes to it to bring it up to speed. Any ideas for what you’d like to see are ‘more than welcome’. I’d personally like […]

Email Problems

Since I moved this site to its new host/server my site emails have been deleted due to the greed of the host wanting me to pay £35 per year for each site email I have so for now all emails will go to my “right click fix” business account. If you’ve sent me an email […]

New Host – Complete New Start

I’ve just managed to migrate the KFUK site and the forums to a new host which was no easy task I can assure you! As of April 18th 2018 the site is live and working as normal on the new host BUT there are a few teething problems. 1. The main site has a few […]

Publicly Viewable Forums

We’ve opened up a lot of our forums as a taster for anyone interested in reading up and hopefully it’ll act as a taster for you to register and join in the community? It’s a friendly place and we keep it that way as you’ll see in the rules as you join. Never be afraid […]

KFUK down time

Sorry if you’ve recently visited to find the site down or unavailable but we’ve had major issues with our hosting service. Things should begin to smooth out now though as Andy has sussed out the issue and solved it and has also upgraded the server hardware to make it quicker so as always things will […]

Problem Reports

Problem Reports

It’s just been pointed out to me as site admin that Wayne’s kayak review from May 2013 had pictures missing and probably has had for over a year. Do us a favour and let us know if you find ANY errors within the site as there’s nothing worse than something not working! If you can’t […]