Cornwall – Truro

Hi. I am new to kayaking and as such am looking to buddy up with somebody to pair up with. I am in Truro and am willing to travel. Currently looking for a suitable kayak and am prepared to consider anything.

Current favorit is a prowler but also thinking about a moken 12.5 and a tarpon 120. They all look good and i will buy new if i have to but would prefer second hand if possible. has anybody got anything? Thanks guys. Look forward to some responses.


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  1. justin baines April 7, 2019 at 3:10 am

    hi steve .
    I live in derby but have a holiday home at par so go out in par bay as much as I can .
    i’m relatively new to kayaking myself ,
    I bought a Moken 12.5 from cornwall canoes and I;m really pleased with it ,very stable.


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