East Coast – Runswick Bay

I’am 38 years old, 5’7″ and 12st 6lb. I live in Castleford West Yorkshire, looking at trying my hand at kayak fishing. Anywhere from Runswick Bay area and down the East Coast of Yorkshire.

At the moment I think I’m set up and ready to go. Would anyone be willing to help me learn the ropes, I’m a quick learner. I have some experence kayaking its the fishing side that I’m not sure about.

Like they say All the gear but no idea, I have a ocean kayak trident 13 and the majority of the safety gear I think. I also have a small amount of fishing tackle, should be enough to get me through this year anyway.

So if anybody is able to help me that would be great!! Looking forward to catching a few fish!! (Hopefully)

Thanks in advance!

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