Fog – Let’s make it clear!

FOG – It WILL kill you!

We’ve created this page to get it across to people around the UK that it’s not only bloody stupid to go out in foggy conditions but it’s also totally disrespectful to the growing numbers of kayak anglers around the UK who are responsible & respect the fact that all it takes is one irressponsible fool to go out & get run down by a massive ferry, drowned or lost due to their haste and need to get out there to yak fish. It was pointed out to me that someone posted in another site that they’d only managed to get back to shore ‘cos they could heard a dog barking on a beach so followed it 😮 This has got alarm bells ringing and we all need to act upon it ASAP!

I’ve been yak fishing for around 10 years now and I can honestly say that I’ve [b]NEVER[/b] taken my kayak out in foggy conditions. Not just for my own sake but for others as if I was seen to be paddling out there or launching in thick fog by others they may think it’s ok and causes a knock on effect…

You may have a gps device like me but it’s battery life is limited even if you do create a way point as you set off so you can get back in. Setting off in fog is both stupid and irresponsible and it has to stop before someone loses a life or we end up on the national 1news being regarded as dangerous and irresponsible. You can bend or shape your reasons for launching in fog or rough seas all you want but at he bottom of it all it’s still a bloody stupid decision and possibly a fatal one!

Okay, you get out there and fog or “sea fret” builds up after a long, sunny morning and the vaccuum creates the fret and it moves inland. Just head straight back to land and be responsible and safe. Don’t sit out there thinking “it’s okay there’s a few of us and I’ve got gps, flares, mobile etc. so I’m okay” [b]YOUR NOT OK[/b] and nor are the rest of us who care about the sport!

I personally think that as more and more get into the sport, they’re growing in confidence and getting others involved which is great but it’s not so great if they’re taking others out in dodgy conditions as this also can have a knock on effect as people think it’s the norm to go out in such conditions! You [b]MUST[/b] respect the sea or it’ll kill you before you even know it! It’s so easy to get on a SOT kayak with all the fancy gadgets and become one with it all and feel confident in yourself but it’s absolutely paramount that you don’t overstep the point where you feel invincible and are so experienced that you can cope in any situation as it’s that over confidence that’ll take not only your life but maybe the people you take out there with you!

Not many people know this but every time some pleb gets himself on the news or in a local paper for paddling himself into danger or gets drowned in a canoe or on a kayak of any sort, I get emails and texts from people alerting me of the news. Maybe they’re waiting for it to happen so they can have a go at me? maybe they’re hoping it’s because promote the sport and want to see me suffer or think it’s my fault? maybe they’re just being nice in case it’s a mate of mine and I may like to know etc. but the point is that people are watching our every action and are waiting for an accident to happen so let’s make sure it doesn’t 😉

There’s always another day to try and get out and there’s no replacement for a lost dad or brother etc. so please don’t take this the wrong way if you have been out in fog, just maybe think about the implications your actions could possibly cause the rest of us who try to promote the sport around the UK.


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