We’re often asked “what do I wear on my feet over my drysuit?” So, here’s page explaining just that!

It all depends upon the weather really as if it’s high summer a dry suit and boots might be too much and too hot underneath so a ‘shorty’ wet suit coupled with cheap, neoprene slipper/shoes or an old pair of trainers that won’t hold water. If your going to be dragging your kayak over a shingle beach or hard ground then diving boots are the way to go. ‘Rock Boots’ are a popular choice and usually cost around £40. If wearing a dry suit with rubber socks fitted these are a must as one hole in those socks will ruin the whole concept of the ‘dry’ suit.

kayak fishing uk boots image

Keeping an old bath type towel (not one of the better half’s carefully chosen posh ones) in the car/van is essential for putting on/taking off your expensive dry suit just for this reason. Put the towel down and keep your feet on it so you don’t risk holing it and get used to this way of doing things to protect the expensive suit! Also keep the boots close by and make sure there’s no tiny stones in them to puncture the socks. If the suit doesn’t have rubber feet fitted then you can buy neoprene socks for the boots (I personally had never heard of them over about 12 years so went without lol).

Warmth is the key, cold feet out at sea is not comfortable and is actually quite dangerous! Try getting off the kayak at the shore after 4-5 hours fishing and walk up the beach, it can be hilarious! Keep them warm no matter what you wear and remember that the water temperature around the UK can vary seasonally from around 5° to 17°.

Going by reports in forums and groups it seems that most anglers opt for the drysuit/boots all year round to be sure and safe. Personally I like to tan and dive in and swim in Summer so shorts and t-shirt on neap tides or lakes and cool off. This where a shorty (and cag in a dry bag) are good to wear. As mentioned it’s all down to weather and temperatures.