Re entry wearing waders/belt and cag.

This short video was put up as part of a discussion here:-
I was asked by a contributor if I’d ever tried a re entry a wearing Waders/Cag combination in freezing cold water, as he had tried and not been able to get back on his kayak. In the interests of the discussion I decided to try so I could see for myself.
As can be seen in the video the waders are neoprene and a close fit and a wading belt is used in conjunction with a semi dry cag, although this combination is not what I normally wear I found it buoyant, dry, and it presented no problems upon re entry.
As stated this was part of a discussion around various attire available to Kayak anglers and is no way aimed at promoting any one item of clothing or combination thereof.
The use of youtube is merely as a platform to enable the video to be embedded in the above forum.

Source: tommo

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