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Galaxy Cruz Kayak Review

galaxy cruz kayak

Galaxy Cruz Review

This is our totally unbiased review of the Galaxy Cruz 2013 kayak

this is an ongoing review, we’ve made it publicly available as we create it due to the demand for these kayaks so please keep looking back in…

2013 has seen a lot of new comers to the sport of kayak fishing and more than ever are looking to get into it on a low budget either due to lack of funds or testing the water in case they don’t like it and don’t want to lose too much money. This has got our attention more than any other year as there’s already been numerous reports about paddlers getting into trouble at sea with some being serious!

We aren’t fans of play boats for full on fishing at sea but it’s happening and we need to help control it as best we can with our experience and knowledge. Having started out myself (Andy) on a Perception Scooter back in 2002 I soon found that it had limitations despite my kayak surfing skills and experience in and on the sea. I got caught out a good few times out on the North sea on my own and struggled to paddle back in to shore. Often referred too as “Play boats”,Β  “all rounders” or “multi kayaks” these kayaks are made for flat, inshore waters and lakes etc. and not for paddling miles out on the sea (unless the forecast is completely 100% flat calm and safe to do so).

Since 2012/13 has seen a boom in these ‘play boats’, we’ve decided to get our hands on one and give it a good going over so you know exactly what they’re about! We’re honest and will give our experienced and unbiased opinion of the new 2013 Galaxy Cruz which we now have in our possession and are review.

Up Close Review

We’ll keep editing this post to update it with our findings but our initial findings upon unwrapping the kayak were as follows;


The Galaxy Cruz kayak comes well wrapped up and it took a while to unwrap it all and move the rubbish aside. The sweet peas are coming on too, lol


The Galaxy Cruz seemed short and squat at first look but we’re used to paddling our Ultra 4.3 and Prowler Elite 4.1. We got the Kaafu and Ultra out and laid the three ‘yaks along side each other.


We lay the 3 kayaks side by side on my back lawn to see how much difference there was and was surprised the Kaafu and Galaxy are more or less the same length. As you can see, the Ultra 4.3 looks huge sat next to the Fatyak Kaafu and the Galaxy Cruz.


The seat and paddle come free with the kayak which you have to agree is something we’re not used too! The seat that comes with the kayak is of good quality and has a bag on the back of it. I’m not a fan of high backed seats on my kayaks as I find them difficult to reach over but will test it out and see how it goes…


One feature that really caught our eye immediately was the hull shape. The sides are flared out, down over as you can see for ultimate stability and I must say I was well impressed as this should make up for the lack of length.


We rolled it over to view the hull bottom and saw a Malibu Mini X. It’s almost identical which can’t be bad as the Mini X went down very well with many inshore kayak anglers!


We noticed some “burrs” around two of the six scupper holes. Apparently the burring is due to the scuppers being widened in the mould so lessen the chance of any breakage and has strengthened the scuppers by a few millimetres all round.


We placed one half of the (free) paddle in the front rod holder to check it out for paddling and fishing and found that it’s about a foot out of my reach so when paddling, a rod would be out of the paddle reach and be able to troll a lure whilst keeping an eye on the rod tip without any hindrance (yet to try).


This view shows the angle of the rod holders and shape of the bow. It should cut through the surf and sea with ease. We’ll update you with our findings..


The paddle clips/holders are incorporated in the side handles with the catch being on top of the gunwale. We didn’t like this as it could catch on your hand whilst fishing or hamper re-entry (yet to try). we’d have a moulded in handle for carrying the kayak on your head if alone and have it double as a paddle holder/clip down the side of the kayak. The two end handles are perfectly placed for a two man lift though. The Galaxy sticker looks like it won’t last very long and especially with surfing on the Galaxy πŸ˜‰


You can see the drilled out drainplug. Why have a plug then put a hole through it. leash maybe? We’ll see what comes of it and update this page.


With your kayak you get the 2 -piece paddle, rod holder and mount complete with stainless bolts, anchor/trolley cleat that fits behind the seat with bolts, a small fish finder suction cup/holder and you’ll find all these goodies inside the front hatch (except the paddle of course).


The front hatch has a bag inside which is handy for keeping a dry bag for keys etc. inside. The ring gets caught on the lip for the lid lock but I think this is something to get used too over time and is no big deal as the hatch seal is more important. The bag isn’t waterproof so due to the leakage under the rod holders it got wet


The tankwell bungee has got a clip for moving it and loosening it for different situations. I liked this as it may save cutting it or removing it. You can see where the anchor cleat fits to the right.


The drain plug has been drilled right through maybe as a vent so the hull can breathe whilst only letting a tiny amount of water ingress into the hull if capsized. I’m going to seal it though as the two hatches should allow enough air through the hull. After wetting the kayak we tried to drain the kayak up on end via the pin hole and nothing came out, we had to open the drain plug to release the small amount of water that was in there so its not a safety issue after all. We will look into this further to be sure though…


A clearer view of the drain plug hole. It would take days to get enough water inside the hull to harm your trip due to the tiny size of it but we’ll investigate further asap… The pic also shows a good close up of the finely finished fittings which goes for all over the kayak.



The centre hatch is right between your legs. Inside it is a removable tub complete with lid that lifts out and has 4 compartments in. Handy for bait or lures!


The centre hatch tub with the lid on but hatch open. We removed the hatches after wetting the kayak and found the foam seals to be dry and they were held down well.


We removed one front rod holder for investigation and found out that the thickness of the material is a good 5mm and well capable ofΒ  holding the 3 self tapper screws which seem to give a good hold. (apparently these have been stress tested by trading standards who were happy with the results).

galaxy cruz kayak rod holder

We noticed that there’s very little sealant to seal the rod holder with the hull. This needs either replacing with sicaflex or your own sealant. We used a little aquarium sealant as a test one one holder and will see how it goes on the paddle/fishing review. If we were selling this kayak we’d supply the centre rod holder and leave the outer 4 rod holder plates blank and let the paddler decide whether or not to add more as we feel that one rod is enough on a small kayak like this and it’d be good to have another holder or two to place the rod for different situations like trolling or storing to swap bait or unhook fish etc. but five rod holders is going to let somebody out there put five rods in the kayak which we don’t recommend for safety reasons.

galaxy cruz kayak rod holder

We applied a generous layer of aquarium sealant to the rod holder and made sure there was enough to get amongst the screws too…



Wayne and I were both surprised at the shape of this kayak as it looks short and squat but the shape of the hull gives it surprisingly good paddling capabilities combined with the width and stability of the middle section of the hull. This is one seriously stable kayak! The material seems solid, a long term test will bear this out. The lack of length seems to be recovered by the width and bow and as you’ll see in our video it rides very well on the sea and through surf. It isn’t half as maneuverable as a Fatyak Kaafu or Perception Scooter type kayak and is more of a dedicated fishing kayak we have to say. Although due to it’s small size both Galaxy Kayaks and ourselves highly recommend using it for inshore or inland fishing which is entirely down to the paddlers choice.


Paddle Review

Wayne and I took the kayak and bundled gear down to the local harbour when the sea was choppy so we could give it a really good going over. We took my (Andy) Prowler Ultra 4.3 to test the newly fitted rudder made by local lad and KFUK member Dave (more on that very soon πŸ™‚ ). After the wetting of the kayak we had a very good look at it and rolled it around on the beach and we noticed that the rod holders were leaking water from beneath them so we investigated next day by removing them and found that the rod holder cap which also seems to act as a gasket wasn’t doing it’s job. In fact the cap let water into the rod holder whilst it was closed but we did roll the kayak in the sea and paddled through surf! We’ve removed the caps as we found them pretty useless and they got in the way and we sealed the holders with aquarium sealant (all we had to hand and this marine sealant can and should be used) so we’ll see how it goes…

I (Andy) was really surprised at the difference between the Kaafu and the Cruz! I honestly didn’t think the Galaxy could or would be more stable but it’s totally different with the Kaafu being more of a play boat and definitely a surf yak! I’ll test both in the surf very soon and get back. The kayak paddled well and tracked well considering its small stature and it seemed to paddle alongside the Ultra quite well although if you imagined them as cars the Ultra 4.3 was in 2nd gear and the Galaxy was in 4th πŸ˜‰ We did notice that with me on the Cruz it was well down in the water and currently weighing in at 105 kilos I’m supposedly well within the recommended 130 kilos limit and apparently the factory recommendation was 150 kilos so we’ll report that to Galaxy for them to look into. I’d personally say it’s for anyone up to 100 kilos right now though. I will paddle it again to fish from on the flat sea to see how it goes again.

enjoy the video;

Fishing Review

I (Andy) took the Cruz over to the English lake district at Easter to have a go at fishing from her. I’m dieting now and have lost over a stone since the video we made and at the time of the review I was 16 stone (less now πŸ™‚ ). I set out on lake Ullswater when the lake was quiet so I could paddle flat water with no interruptions and was pleasantly surprised at just how well the kayak tracked for a short kayak. I’ve paddled quite a few “play yaks” in my time and surfed them to the hilt and they all turn with every paddle dip, especially on a choppy sea. This is so you can turn quickly on a wave but the Galaxy Cruz is a lot more focused on paddling in a straight line and is harder to turn. Stability is absolutely awesome and although I didn’t push it when rocking it in case I tipped (freezing water and alone) but will tip it in warmer climates for the full test πŸ™‚

Fishing from her is simply brilliant with a fly rod as there’s not as much yak as the longer yaks so less room for snags and easier to reach if the line wraps over the bow or stern. I trolled a lure across the lake with ease and when I got across to the other side I opened the hull hatches to find about 5 litres of water inside the hull and was shocked but when I went to empty the yak out on the lake side I discovered that some pleb had left the drain plug open :halo: (yes I’m only human lol ).As I trolled and paddled I gave the rod a shake in the holder and moved it across to the other holders to shake test them and although they did move slightly (as expected) they were fine and if I tipped I’m confident they’d stay intact but I had sealed them with silicone myself prior to the review which in hindsight maybe I shouldn’t have done but it’ was a natural thing to do for me.

I paddled back across the lake and the yak was dry! It must be a weight issue and the stern must be iin the water when paddling to let water in on a flat lake?

When I returned home I water tested the kayak and videoed it to be sure and was amazed to find that the kayak was watertight except for the front hatch where one bolt is missing and that’s one I dropped on my lawn when I refitted and sealed all holders and hatches last summer. I’ll sort the video out and post it when I get time…

Final Sea Fishing test In August 2014Β 

It’s a year to the day since we started this review so we’re finishing it exactly a year on. As far we’re concerned this is the juicy bit we think you’ve all been waiting for over the last year and we do apologise for the late finish but we’re sure you’ll all agree that 2014 has been the worst year in a long time for us in the sport weather wise with minimal safe launches available sadly πŸ™

Okay, getting down to business; Wayne and I (Andy) got out in late July/early August to review the Galaxy Cruz in all sea fishing conditions over a few trips out. We compiled a video of it for your attention so sit and enjoy it but please do read on as we feel it’s important!

The Cruz, according to us both is by far THE most stable SOT kayak of all the SMALLER yaks we’ve had a go of. Bearing in mind I had a Kaafu for a year which I’ll review in time… but having now lost 2, 1/2 stone at the time of writing (and counting) I felt a lot better on the Cruz when I paddled it out this time so the weight difference was a massive imact! Having got myself a Hobie Outback as most will already know I did the videoing and as you’ll see in the video, I scoot arount the Cruz at some speed whilst videoing Wayne fishing for coleys and Mackerel on light gear inshore and outside the local harbour on a northerly swell which we did ONLY for the review and to test the Cruz’s capability in it. I had a bow and stern line at the ready and all sorts in case Wayne tipped, (not that he’d need it like with his experience lol) but we did plan ahead n did the review in front of the local RNLI station so were fine at all times.

The flared hull/sides makes all the difference and I personally cannot see how anyone could tip one of these on a flat sea? you’d have to snag up and make a major mistake to do it! The shape of the hull is fantastic from a stability aspect is brilliant. Despite it being a 9ft yak the bow is sleek enough to cut through a choppy sea and the quite substantial keel coupled with contoured hull in between make it track very well indeed which is what I meant in my earlier finding on the lake…

If your going to try kayak fishing over summer on flat calm waters close to shore then this little yak is great for it! If you do venture out further, make sure the sea is not forecast to lift or you’ll struggle to paddle back in and watch for sea fret as that’s the most common summer coastal cause of distress on small crafts on the sea. I’m not going to ‘bleat on’ about safety lol but you know your limits and you should also know your kayaks limits.

I’ve got a Hobie Outback now and I’m still learning it’s limits and I’ve been kayak fishing for about 13 years. So you never stop learning! All kayaks are different much like partners and cars etc πŸ˜‰ If you do decide to buy a Galaxy Cruz on the strenth of our honest and unbiased review then do let Galaxy know ‘cos we do go the whole hog to make sure your safe ou there πŸ™‚



The Galaxy Cruz has been through the mill the past couple of years since it’s introduction and coupled by one empty headed, novice kayker with a “hasty” keyboard who decided to spit hate and anger across the net (despite the inside story explaining it a lot differently) but trust me as head of KFUK I can say it was total bullshit and is why we went to the lengths of writing a year long review of the kayak. Anyone with thoughts to the contrary feel free come and seem me and Wayne to go through it all πŸ™‚

We’re talking about a small kayak, bundled with cheap paddle, cheap seat, (crap) scupper bungs, and a few other odds n sods that costs under Β£300 and if you think that’s driving a hard bargain then your in the wrong sport! This bundle is aimed at inshore summer kayak fishing wannabe’s who just want to go that bit further than the local pier but not go all out kayak fishing like most of us seasoned yakkers do. I’ll never regard myself as a “pro” or whatever but would rather use my/our experience to help others to get into the sport and safely despite what you may find in other sites around the UK…

Stay safe out there, the sea is unforgiving and has no memory! get a paddle buddy no matter what your aim is and learn from each other…


Galaxy Kayaks now have a Facebook page Go and interact with them and get updates and news there πŸ™‚

Andy & Wayne,

Kayak Fishing Uk



18 Responses to Galaxy Cruz Kayak – News & Review

  1. Tom Makin December 19, 2013 at 11:04 am

    Hi Chaps,

    Great review of this Kayak. I got two of these boats this summer for the wife and i to play around North Wales and do a spot of fishing. I am no pro but find it to be a great all rounder.

    The only issue i have had to date is with the integrity of the rod holders. After snagging while trawling for bass using the rear rod holder, the holder has lifted out and pulled the rivets out of the boat.

    Easily repairable but worthy of note.

    Happy fishing


  2. Denis O'Donovan January 15, 2014 at 9:15 pm

    Great review of the yak which has unfortunately received a lot of undeserved bad press. Myself and a friend bought two of these last year and we are both very happy with them. They’ve handled very well even in very rough weather. For the money the Galaxy is great value for anyone looking to enter the fabulous world of kayak fishing.

  3. Nick February 15, 2014 at 9:57 pm

    Hi guys, thanks for the review. A mate and myself bought a couple of these last year and have had some great fun in them. As this is the only kayak I have had any experience in its good to hear your positive comments and I have to agree that it is very stable. You were right to point out the issue with the rod holders as both my buddy and myself have experienced them breaking out of their fixings while trolling in calm seas. As you can imagine this could have led to disastrous consequences for us. But we contacted Galaxy who couldn’t have been more helpful. It appeared that there was a problem with the original rivets that were used and once the holders were put under stress they just popped out. Problem now rectified. As Dennis said I feel its great value for money and introduction to kayak fishing but I am now

    looking to upgrade so I can carry a bit more gear and maybe even do a bit of wild camping this year.



  4. Stephen Whitfield March 30, 2014 at 6:08 pm

    Just bought one of these kayaks, hope the fishing review will be up soon, cant wait to read it.

  5. Jim April 3, 2014 at 8:11 am

    Hi Nick

    Who did you get in contact with in terms of the bad rivets in the original rod holders?


  6. Jim April 3, 2014 at 8:12 am

    I should add a bit more – I had the same problem, my rod holder popped out whilst at sea- lucily the sea wasn’t too choppy and I had a plastic bag I used to plug it and then got back tos hore

  7. simon duxbury April 6, 2014 at 7:40 pm

    great unbiased review,myself and a fishing buddy wanted to extend our fishing options and so recently purchased 2 of the cruz.for those fishing together they are ideal as the hulls actually are designed to fit inside each other(check the small cutout behind the seat)and so easily and safetly fit on a roof bars without the need for a specialist rack and are verry stable when strapped down.

  8. Paul O'Reilly May 8, 2014 at 8:40 pm

    I bought the Galaxy 5 fisher at the end of last summer, consequently I didn’t get much use. But this year I have exploited it! And my opinion is: Magic.

    Easy to launch and access. Easy to control, light to manouvre, silent to paddle when fishing, extremely stable. I use it with a drogue on lakes and at sea and an anchor on rivers, without any problems whatsoever. Some of the mountain lakes, which I fish, are inaccessible by road and the terrain is unsuitable for a trolley …. heather etc., but the Galaxy slides up and down the hillocks and gullies with little effort … and I am a senior citizen!!!

    Overall, the Galaxy is excellent value for money, a brilliant little kayak and is not just for beginners … It’s great fun and is responsible for my catching some very nice trout and sea fish!!!

    • Andy May 9, 2014 at 6:31 am

      Thanks for taking the time to type all that out Paul it really does help others out there when choosing a kayak and probably like you and the others have been guided here by the net as you search for an honest opinion. I’ve been out fishing on it now and have yet to write the review of it which you just reminded me about so am off to do it now…

  9. Terry Hawkins June 1, 2014 at 4:10 am

    After reading and watching your reviews I have recently purchased two of these wee beasts for fishing on the small-mid size lochs of Dumfries & Galloway with a mate and we are extremely happy with the results. They may well be entry level yaks but what a perfect start point for anyone wanting to get out there. we found right for the off that these yaks inspire confidence with their stability, usability,, easy to top the jeep weighing in at only 22kg a simple one man opp and a straight forward tie down for travel. They do feel like real quality which was a surprise for such a small price tag. The seating is all day comfortable with everything in reach. I am 6`2″ & 17st which I would say is at the upper weight limit for the yak as with a bit of a chop there was water collecting in the rear storage area, nothing critical but still wet. I checked and tightened all screws and bolts before setting sail and had zero water ingress into the hull despite the chop and as for the fishing, well lets just say I felt like a kid again discovering a whole new aspect to my fishing. Not to sure I would venture off shore in one but for lochs, rivers and lakes….. Perfect!

    I am well and truly hooked on these wee yaks, don’t think about it just get on the phone to galaxy and get out there. Oh and talking about Galaxy I found the entire customer experience fantastic, they could not have been more helpful and the delivery was next day! Outstanding service.

  10. neil abbott June 13, 2014 at 10:29 am

    I’ve just bought 2 of the Galaxy Cruz kayaks from their warehouse nr. Stratford upon Avon. I have to say that they couldn’t have been more helpful to my wife and I. We spent about 1 and 1/2 hours dithering over which ones to buy, but Graham? was great. We then drove back to Torquay with them on the roof of our Toyota Aygo. No problems at all, not much fun but no problems at all! Unfortunately one of the paddles wouldn’t clip together correctly. I texted when I got home on Sat. pm, was rung back on Sunday, and had another one sent through by Monday. Excellent service!

    As for the kayaks. Brilliant. So stable and so easy to man handle from roof rack to the seas edge. we’ve been out 5 times in the last week nad are getting used to them now. We find them to be really stable and so much fun. i’m never going to be out in the middle of the channel, but as a close-inshore- kayakers they suit us down to the ground. We can’t speak more highly of them.

    • Andy June 13, 2014 at 11:07 am

      Excellent news Neil! and yes Graham is spot on πŸ™‚ Having fished on the lakes in Cumbria at Easter on mine I was very impressed by its tracking and stability. I’m not one for making false claims to big up the manufacturers in order to get free kayaks but this really impressed me as an angler. They’re ideal for inland waters and close in sea fishing. I was out yesterday a mile off our coast on a FLAT CALM sea and perfect weather conditions and I’d of been happy out there on a Galaxy Cruz. However, the key issue is knowing the conditions and forecast and especially your own paddling abilities. It’s all down to common sense and the end user.
      If it had been choppy or the sea had lifted slightly (and it did) I would’ve paddled in and stuck closer to the shore but if there’s a snotty sea on and windy conditions I certainly wouldn’t of taken it out!
      We’re going to take the Cruz out in summer to fish from it and give her a review of it now I’ve lost a couple of stone πŸ™‚
      thanks for the report it means a lot!

  11. Steve June 15, 2014 at 7:08 am

    Bought two of these yaks last year but due to back injury I didn’t get a lot of use but my son did. All mended now and out on the water fishing and playing! Had a water ingress problem with one boat which Galaxy exchanged with no question, Graham was fantastic. Everything about your review is spot on. I bought them as I had an Emotion Mojo kayak and my son wanted to take up the sport. The proceeds from the sale bought two Cruz’s with change! Demonstrating the great value they are? I use mine in Christchurch harbour and paddle up river and also off the front at Southbourne , thus giving a good all round spectrum of use. I cannot fault these boats and would happily recommend them. Incredibly stable, great fun in surf and fit for purpose fishing. Doesn’t get any better !

  12. Tim July 5, 2014 at 9:23 am

    Great review it looks a superb piece of kit.I’m 6’2″ and18st do you think it would stable enough for calm inshore fishing and a bit of surfing?Thanks again for a very informative review.

    • Andy July 5, 2014 at 9:53 am

      Thanks for that Tim, it’s not finished yet as we plan to fish from her on a local trout fishery (sweethope loughs) casting flies as well as out on the open sea at distance and inshore to complete the review.
      I’ll stick my neck on the block here and say that I personally think you’d be pushing your luck on this kayak given your stats and I think you should go for a larger kayak like a Prowler Big Game or something similar. (I had one for 5 years without tipping it in around 1000 trips out).
      good luck!

      • Craig Woodhouse August 10, 2014 at 7:28 pm

        Big thanks to you Andy and Tommo for taking the time out to review this kayak, I have watched the videos and read the review intently. As a complete beginner I have to say that your unbiased reviews are a great help as I embark on this new sport. After a lot of internet research I have decided to buy a Galaxy Cruz. I will be fishing predominantly inland and the occasional Inshore trip. I thank you for not being snobs and not rubbishing this low end of the market. I think it will fit my bill and I can always upgrade if I decide to change my fishing habits and do more adventurous off shore fishing. I’ve said it before and I will day it again, this web site has helped me invaluably in my journey into this style of fishing. Many thanks.

        • Andy August 10, 2014 at 8:04 pm

          wow thanks for the nice feedback and donation to the site Craig πŸ™‚ The review is now complete but we haven’t updated the page yet so I’ll do it asap and make sure it’s honest and true! I’m sure you’ll get the best of tghe Cruz on inland waters and chilling out:)

  13. Martin October 23, 2014 at 7:53 am

    My wife and I have a Galaxy Blaze each. Similar shape hull etc to the Cruz but without the fishing bits and bobs. We love them, been out a few times now and always enjoy paddling about in them. We are only beginners but so far very pleased with our purchases! I’m going to check the fittings and look at resealing them though, just to be sure.


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