Galaxy Sturgeon Review Update

Sorry if you’ve looked in this week and seen a messed up site but when I make a mess of things I do it properly 😉  Thanks to site assistant and paddle buddy tommo, together we’ve just about rescued the whole site but do pipe up if you see anything not working or missing pictures ok? We don’t like things not working!

The Galaxy Sturgeon review was seriously damaged so I’ve just repaired it but also updated it and made it better to read on tablets n phones so do have a read of it…



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  1. Doug September 21, 2016 at 9:43 pm

    Just bought a sturgeon, i was in two minds until i read your review, that made up my mind, and it doesn’t feel much heavier than my cruz, just a hell of a lot longer, thanks for the review, it really helps to have an expert opinion, once I get it on the water I will post my own thoughts on it.


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