Galaxy Tandem Fisher Pro Review

A quick walk around showing off the kayak

We reviewed this Kayak in 2012 but lost the original post in a site host move so this is a replacement made in June 2018, enjoy and make sure you watch the quick walk around video. To date its had 26k youtube views 🙂

galaxy tandem fisher pro

The Galaxy Tandem Fisher Pro is well made, as in all the Galaxy kayaks range the materials used make for a solid shell and hull. It’s a big kayak but not too big to make it too heavy and is carefully planned and laid out for two paddlers to fish with rod holders within reach. However there’s very little storage space for fishing gear so you’ll need to go ‘light’. Fishing as a lone paddler you can use the centre seat which is actually a great way to paddle this kayak and I enjoyed it despite the 2ft swells on loch lomond where I made the videos and took pics.

galaxy tandem fisher pro

We made a video of the unwrapped and rigged kayak so you can preview it prior to buying one. As you can see when set up for two there’s very little storage space and when set up for one the tank well is too far from you so you’d need to strap any gear down behind you. Do remember though that is is aimed at leisure fishing and family fun NOT all out sea fishing etc. If you bear that in mind prior to buying one you’ll know exactly what to expect!


The accessories given with it ie; 2 paddles, tubs, rod holders, seats etc. are cheap but they do the job well. You can upgrade them if you decide to fish full time but do just remember that they’re intended to help you get out there having fun and aren’t Scotty, Ram or Railblaza made they’re ‘freebies’. If you realise this when buying one you’ll not be disappointed. For me the paddles just did their job and the rod holders too! I do think that personally the rod holder covers (not just this kayak) are a waste of time and get in my way when putting a rod into a holder. I’ve removed all four from my Hobie Outback but this is my personal preference, you might like them?


Source: Kayak Fishing UK Youtube Channel

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