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2013-08-20 13.31.14

Taking delivery of this kayak took me to assist the TNT driver in unloading it as he didn’t seem able to reverse down the street which I found odd. He complained about the weight but for me it seemed quite normal for a SOT especially with me knowing what was inside. I unwrapped it and set about unraveling all the bits you get with it.

2013-08-20 13.31.04

When she’s rigged out she looks the part and for two paddlers there’s plenty of room and weight distribution is very good. Looking at the gunwales I saw a multitude of opportunities for rigging and fishing placements. The default rod holder positions might be okay for a family trip out on a loch or inshore Mackerel spinning session but for the serious angler you’d need to add rod holders with arms reach but then again this IS NOT  a serious angling kayak, it’s a family tandem aimed at helping you get a little fun and fishing in on the water so don’t be too harsh on the fishing aspect of it if you get one. Instead maybe play around with the rigging side of it 😉

2013-08-31 11.20.09

I took the kayak out at Lake Ullswater and then Loch Lomond rigged for one in terribly windy conditions during a camping trip in 2012 and was really surprised how stable and secure the yak was! For a supposedly heavy kayak I found it quite easy (a bit like paddling my old Prowler Big Game) and it tracked very well despite the flared bow. I found it difficult to fish from the centre seat and you’d need to add a couple of rod holders there abouts to fish properly as I had to keep over reaching to get my rods but it is a tandem kayak after all.

2013-08-29 17.07.05

Paddling back from the island in the middle of the lake to the Luss camp-site against the wind took me half an hour as the wind howled down from the hills in my face but a steady pace without getting out of breath or worn out took me safely back to the shore where my family watched eagerly. I was never in any danger and felt extremely secure! As you can see in the picture, back then I was 4 stone over weight at 17, 5 and the yak is sitting there high on the water so it’ll take quite a bit of paddle weight.

2013-08-29 17.04.41

One down side to this kayak is the small hatches and lack of storage! If you were going on a paddle trip down river to camp etc. you’d struggle for storage but once again its a family tandem aimed at getting you’re kids out there with you in a safe manner and not exploring the Amazon lol.

2013-08-20 14.33.31

The hull is proper solid and riding back to a pebble beach or lake this yak will laugh at it! Yes it’ll scratch but will not hole unless you ride a wave into a shingle/rocky shore at high speed which we all know is not going to happen 🙂 The lines are pure stability and good tracking. I do think a sleeker bow would improve speed but it’s no biggy as with two paddlers aboard I do think it would shift under full power…

2013-08-20 13.37.08

The paddles and rod holder you get with it are cheap but what do you expect for the price? No dealer is going to bundle a bloody high end Lendl paddle with a new kayak and these did the job well.  All you need to get you started! I have to add that those rod holder covers I find completely useless and I removed the rod holders to get rid of them then re-seated the rod holders using HA6 waterproof sealant to ensure a good seal. The flaps get in the way of putting a rod in the holder and do not keep the water out, waste of time in my opinion.

2013-08-20 13.36.40

The seat straps caved in on one of the seats but Galaxy said they’d had a bad batch with dodgy/weak buckles that were replaced by their supplier and a quick knot secured the leads to keep me going anyway. Plus I was over 17 stone and pushing hard against a strong head wind when it went. The front deck mounted rod holder as you can see is too far from the centre seat and on the front seat is too close to the paddler as your rod butt is scarily close to those crown jewels but I suppose that can be fixed with a different rod…

2013-08-20 13.36.24

Look at the front rod holders from a lone paddlers perspective. Too far forward to fish properly as you keep having to shuffle forward and risk losing the rod. A couple of holder placed within reach as shown sharp fettle that 🙂

2013-08-31 11.19.59

Evening at Loch Lomond, get a Galaxy Tandem Fisher Pro and take you’re family on tour and explore this beautiful place 🙂

2013-08-29 17.07.21

WOW looking back at this I now realise how big I got although the PFD didn’t help 😉 just look how high on the water the kayak sits as I float close to shore. For the price and for what you get with this kayak we think its a great deal and will not only last you years but will keep its value too!

2 Responses to Galaxy Tandem Fisher Pro Review

  1. Jamie Pearson June 18, 2017 at 9:04 am

    Thanks for this.

    I am planning to get one of these for fun mainly. Just wanted to ask, did you find the front seat molding bothered you when you were in the central position?

    I plan to add a feel free kingfisher seat as well so hopefully not…

    Other wise it will be in tandem format for the wife ( yeah right….) and kids.

    I looked at the fatyak but the price and central ( solo) option makes this a winner.


    • Andy June 19, 2017 at 4:14 pm

      Hi Jamie, I found that if I was going to fish from this kayak regularly I’d have to add rod holders closer to the centre seat as the two fore ones are too far to use! It’s a great sea going kayak mind. Just after this review I took a mate out on it and he’s a big, well built lad. He had 30 Codling onboard to 4lb and although I could see it was over weight/ low in the water he paddled back in no bother 🙂
      Family fun is primarily what its aimed at NOT a fishing kayak so bear this in mind and I’m sure you’ll have many safe trips out, good luck 🙂


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