Go Sea Total Recall

Important Update June 26th 2014

We’ve been informed by Go Sea that although the information we posted here was correct, it was inaccurate and in fact the issue was down to a bad batch of rivets that affected many other kayak manufacturers as well as them but they felt it important to publicise it. The rivets were the ones that held rod holders in place and have all been replaced with nuts & bolts or well nuts and only affected three models (Pioneer, Stealth & Voyage Angler) where rivets were used as a means to attach the rod holders or hatches and purchased between 20th March and 15th July 2013 so no need to ring and ask about the affected kayaks any more and it was only kayaks sold between the given dates.

Apologies to GOSEA if our report caused too many phone calls.



No not the movie, it’s an important announcement by UK kayak manufacturers GOSEA. They have issued a recall on their 2013 kayaks due to a riveting problem at the factory in Cornwall. Please take the time to watch the video and if you do own a GOSEA kayak they’ll help you with any issues as mentioned in their video. DO NOT take your new GOSEA kayak out to sea prior to watching this video! In fact it’s well worth all kayak anglers watching it just to do the tests involved.

At KFUK we think it’s massive for a company to not only own up to defects but to publicly offer help on such a scale via you tube and we feel it just deserves massive respect! Lets hope other manufacturers follow suit rather than try to hide or shun defects which may have happened in the past.

visit their site here for more…

2 Responses to Go Sea Total Recall

  1. Charlie Topham June 11, 2014 at 9:02 am

    My friends and I bought 4 GoSea Pioneers around the time they are referring to we’ve now all done the test. In the end none proved faulty but it is great to see manufactures speaking out about things like this. It’s a reputation enhancer if anything.

  2. Andy June 14, 2014 at 7:15 pm

    Isn’t it just Charlie? which is why I went to the trouble of posting the info.I wish all manufacturers would be this honest!


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