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 Andy’s review

h2o kayak loader


Here’s our review of the H2o Roller Load Assister. Having just scrapped my van and replaced it with an estate car I found this the ideal opportunity to try this cool gadget out. I’d washed the car the day before trying it out so thought it’d be fine. I’d stuck the device to a small window on the house and couldn’t get it off by pulling it so was confident that it’d be fine on the car.

h2o kayak loader/roller

I gave it a good wipe over as well as the rear window and it seemed to grip well once attached although it did take a few attempts and it fell off once as I rolled the kayak up it. Not good for someone with a bad back and a shoulder injury as I had to ease the kayak to the ground away from the car. It turned out that The car had accumulated a tiny layer of dust over the day due to workmen working nearby and being silver it was difficult to detect it on the car given its silver colour. Once Ii washed it with a wet cloth and dried it all was well.

The key element to using this device is a clean connection so do have a cloth in your vehicle at all times! I think the device is very sturdy and is very well made indeed. It’s quite heavy for its size mostly due to the thickness of the heavy duty rubber roller which is well proportioned to suit all kayaks. Do make sure its fully fitted and has a good hold prior to loading your kayak though.

One issue I had with my Hobie Outback was the fact that once it was up on the roofbars its scratched along them due to their cheap design but I won’t complain for £40 and will cover them asap. This device may sound steep at the same £40 price tag but I can assure you that once you’ve got hold of it you’ll feel rest assured. I personally feel its worth the money and a good, well made device that could well replace my Karitek ELRR system now that I don’t need it any more. I just need to be able to flip the Hobie over once its on the bars but it is a wide yak and around 4″ wider than most fishing kayaks.

NOTE: Please note that its in the instructions you get with it not to leave it attached whilst driving in case it comes off.

 Wayne’s Review

When you first hold the loader you will notice a bit of play between the frame and the suction cup feet, this is necessary to allow attachment to varying surfaces. The roller rotates without any sticking and the rubber it is made from seems very durable and will probably take a long time to show signs of wear.


I found as Andy did that you need a good clean surface to allow the loader to attach securely. You have to hold the suction cup feet firmly in place as the lever is pulled across to create the vacum needed for a good attachment.


Once in place it held very firmly and even with a good pull I could not move it. Removal was easy just by releasing the levers, the loader lifts away nicely.


My car has a rear aerial which at first I thought might cause a problem, but all I did was bend the aerial under the loader.


For anyone who struggles to lift their kayak onto or off their car or if the vehicle is high this is a great well made piece of kit. Bear in mind you will need adequate room behind your vehicle to use it.


4 Responses to H2o Roller Load Assister

  1. Lyn Hurst November 13, 2014 at 2:32 pm

    Hi, thanks for your review. I have just got myself a Tarpon 130t. I will be using it on my own most of the time, as it’s 30kg I was going to look for something to help me load and unload without putting my back out every time I use it! The 130t is 86cms wide so it sounds as if this will work with it. Did you leave it on the can when travelling?

    Thanks again


  2. Andy November 13, 2014 at 3:17 pm

    Hi Lyn, its great to get feedback after such a short period of tme of the review being live 🙂 Sorry but I missed out the fact that you shouldn’t drive with it attached no matter how strong a hold it has on the vehicle as constant wind pressuring it would evenutually dislodge it I guess. Wind chill factor might effect the suction too?

    If anyone wants to try it you can video it from behind my car lol (joke) 😉

  3. Lyn Hurst November 13, 2014 at 4:30 pm

    I didn’t think you would have done but just checking. I use handyracks (blow up type) so I guess it would slide over those easier. I’ve not tried it on my own yet as only got it Saturday and took it out Sunday on top of my friends van. It’s staying down in Dorset for the time being so Myself and my son can have a few lessons out on the sea before i trundle off fishing on it! Steve is very experienced and I’ve never been on the sea on one before so have enlisted his help. The force 4 paddle from Lullworth Cove to Durdle Dor on Sunday was ‘interesting’ but once we’d been out I soon had confidence that my new yak was as steady as a rock and can’t wait to get out again!

    Thanks again


  4. Nick Finnigan November 25, 2014 at 8:59 pm

    Hi Andy, I find one other big problem with loading the kayak this way, is flipping the kayak over upside down when it’s on the roof.

    The industry needs to look at getting kayaks lighter for easy loading and unloading, this is one big problem.

    I wish there were more abs or glass fiber fishing kayas in the UK to purchase.



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