Irresponsible Behaviour

Yet again it seems there are people willing to risk not only their lives but those of the rescue services, all for the sake of a few fish!!!.

It was little over a year ago that we posted in the forums about the same irresponsible behaviour, by that we mean “launching into thick fog”. 

 For many years we have promoted the sport with safety and responsibility in mind via this site and it seems that all the good work is being undone by a minority of irresponsible kayak fishermen. Before long there is going to be an accident and the accusing finger will point at kayaks as being dangerous which of course they can be when paddled by people who take risks and make dangerous decisions.

Please bear in mind the fact that whilst you may feel safe out there and know your own limits, others looking out to sea could think your lost or in danger so may ring for help. We need to make sure that the sport is perceived as a safe one at all times and even though it”s tough to get out at times. A PFD, GPS & dry suit DO NOT make you invincible! If another boat out there was to run over a kayak it”d kill you. A jet ski travelling back into shore in fog wouldn’t see you at all & would smash into you without warning or time to avoid it! What you need to realise is that although it may feel quite safe to go out, others looking at you may not and we”d be very interested to see what the RNLI & Coastguard have to say on the matter. Our guess is they”d think along the same lines as us!

That”s enough bleating on, it is pretty obvious how dangerous it is.

Any posts either on the main site or in the forums depicting dangerous practices such as these will be deleted without any warning!

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