Kayak Fishing – Coley fun

I met up with Andy this afternoon for a short trip out from Sunderland. The weather at first was quite calm and hot (plenty sun cream applied) as predicted. The dredger that has been working the harbour entrance for the last few days was busy stirring up the bottom so things didn’t look good there, but beyond the piers the water was nice and clear.

We paddled out dodging the odd cargo ship on the way :shock:. As we got to the end of the south pier the ‘rip’ was severe but we slid over it with no issues :). Not long after a small boat arrived and began to fish the rip, the lad on the boat was called Ross and he was quickly into tripple shots of coleys, we had a good bit craic while we fished along side each other and it turns out he’s keen to have a go Yak fishing 8) . It wasn’t long before I started to catch coalies as well, and on my light spinning rod they were good sport :D, Andy got one on a small dexter wedge as well 🙂 .

I must say at this point that paddling/drifting and fishing the ‘rip’ around the pier head on such a big tide is not for the faint hearted or the newcomer, it’s so quick that you’ve got to know your yak and your limits, you can’t put your paddle in the holder and sit back and relax, you need yours wits about you due to the speed of it and your paddle ready across yours knees or even fishing with one hand and adjusting your course with the paddle in the other ❗

After a while the pace eased and so did the fishing so we paddled out a few hundred yards beyond the pier and headed South, the wind began to pick up so we headed in and drifted back North along the pier wall – at a fair old rate of knots 😯 , I accounted for one very large mackerel before we came to the end of the pier and paddled back to shore.

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  1. Gary Douglass June 3, 2013 at 11:08 pm

    wow looks liike you guys had some good fun


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