Yes it’s true! for the first time since about 2000 I’m actually ‘kayakless’ having just sold my beloved Hobie Outback to a lovely Scottish lad who I’m sure is going to love it bits! I’m due to have a back operation on May 5th ’19 and once I’ve recovered I’ll be going all guns blazing to get the fitness back, lose over 2 stone and wet a kayak. So, if you need a review doing or to promote a kayak maybe we can sort something out? I’ve never been one to grab a freebie then crawl up somewhere very dark to big it up. If I/we review something we give an honest review as there’s lives at stake.

Given my current state of needing a shoulder joint replacing and back (pronounced disc stuck on a nerve) I think pedal power is still the way forward so if you need something pedal powered putting in the spot light then KFUK is definitely the vehicle to promote it on 🙂


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