KFUK Up For Sale

This web-site is now for sale!

There’s nothing bad, nothing untoward or twisted in this just not enough time to put into it and after 14 years it’s time I concentrated on myself and business as well as family! I’ve been at the helm of this awesome site for nearly 15 years and am not getting any younger! I still love the sport and wetting my kayak but in reality I want to step down/back and let someone else answer emails, maintain the forums, site, run back ups and look after members. All the stuff I’ve done for nothing over the years!

This is a fantastic business opportunity for someone with a kayak oriented business to invest in. The site has 14 years of SEO (search engine optimisation), the best forums money can buy, it’s hosted by one of the UK’s best hosting services via my own virtual hosting service. The site is easily self-maintained as I set it up that way and can be set for multiple users/editors to log-in to.

It doesn’t need to move hosts; the domain names are in my name but can be easily transferred to a new owner and will be fine as they are anyway. I can continue to host the site and won’t be going anywhere in the near future either so can help out and teach the new owners to use it and maintain it over time…

KFUK has got really massive potential and I’ve never had the inclination to be “mr kayak fishing” like others and no need or want for fame so there is potential for someone of this ilk. We have a facebook page and group (unused as yet as I’m to busy to look after it/them). I’ve got t-shirts, caps and there’s scope for loads more ‘merch’ for those with the time to offer this brilliant site.

I value the site at £1000 per year I’ve had it so if you’re interested be prepared to pay this. I’ve put a hell of a lot of work into this place so won’t be letting it go cheaply! I’ve paid for and maintained it all this time so deserve something back that is all 🙂

Tight lines all and stay safe on the water,

Andy Winter (owner of Kayak Fishing Uk

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