Knives are dangerous but they can also save your life!

Carrying a knife out at sea is crucial! Whether you need to cut a line free, or a rig tangles, or you tip over and get an ankle caught in kelp! Having a knife could potentially save your life. So, what do you choose? A lot depends upon your fishing style and targets as well as where you fish and paddle. I used to carry a dive knife on my left calf as well as a blunt ended ‘PFD’ knife attached to my PFD.

lomo safety knife
I personally use one of these. The blunt end is essential and it also has a rope cutter at the base of the blade which is made of stainless steel. Sea water/salt is terribly corrosive!

A filleting knife packed in your watertight storage box is another good addition as you can gut, even fillet fish (especially Mackerel) at the shore and feed seagulls and sea creatures too.