LOMO Mini Dry Box

LOMO Mini Dry Box Review


These LOMO mini dry boxes caught my eye at the Scottish Paddle Festival in October 2014 as I mooched around the place when it was quieter. I liked this box so much I bought one there and then. What a cracking idea! I use an LG Nexus 5 and it fits in there perfectly with no room to bounce around and break the screen. There’s not really a lot you can say about a dry box other than its very sturdy, brightly coloured so you’ll see it if tipped on the sea and it keeps your valuable phone safe and dry 🙂


The clasp is solid and grips very tight and the inside is rubber lined to keep the waterproof seal.


The phone in the box is a Nexus 4 just for show and its the same size as Samsung S3


The handle is really well made and is removable too. You could leash it to your centre console or whatever if you need your phone at the ready.

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