Nasty Comments Won’t Be Posted

We’ve just had someone trying to post a comment on the site basically slagging off a kayak company and spilling their poisonous thoughts and dealings as they desperately seek to tell the world of their mishaps. This is just a heads up to all the keyboard warriors out there that KFUK will NOT be used as you’re vehicle of hate and we will not publicise you’re rantings to the world. All it would take if we published it is for someone to misread it and tell everyone “kayak fishing uk said…” or I read on kfuk” etc. and this is not what we want!

All comments have to be approved by the site owner (me, Andy) prior to publishing. This comment wasn’t published and was immediately reported to the company it mentioned who promptly rang me to discuss and explain their situation which turned out to be one sad individual trying to blackmail them over the internet and refuse to speak to them over the phone and despite all efforts by the company the individual has threatened to “blog” hatred and try to damage the company so they’re obviously a horrible, nasty individual and we at kayak fishing uk do not wish to be associated with people like this.

So, if you’ve had a bad deal with a company DO NOT use KFUK as you’re means to slate the company or person off over the internet as it WILL back fire on you and further more you’ll be reported to every other kayak fishing site owner we know to warn them and give them the heads up. The internet is a powerful tool but it works for everyone not just keyboard warriors!

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