New Forums

Yes our new forums are now fully operational and are state of the art technology with some fantastic features. You can “like” peoples posts much like Facebook and earn yourself trophies for posting and acquiring likes from other members. The “shoutbox” has become an integral part of the forums by lessening “crap” posts and encouraging members to interact socially 🙂 and the new member gallery deserves a news post of its own 😉

All the old posts and members are still intact thanks to my professional computer technician status and skills and web-design learning over the years. (kayak fishing geek lol).

Its not often I blow my own trumpet but I’m really impressed with this site right now and am very proud of it so come and help me build upon it whether you’re a yak fishing ‘noob’ or an experienced yak angler? We want you all as there’s simply too much going on for me to cope with. We need more experience in our forums so I can concentrate on the site and growing it so the door is open to everyone!

come on in 😉


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