New Host – Complete New Start

I’ve just managed to migrate the KFUK site and the forums to a new host which was no easy task I can assure you! As of April 18th 2018 the site is live and working as normal on the new host BUT there are a few teething problems.

1. The main site has a few news images missing even though the images were backed up and restored so I’ll edit each post over time to repair them.

2. Anyone who registered with our forums after January is lost as that was the only backup I could get to work and import sadly. Simply re-register and if you need my help I’m there as always. You can get me via our Facebook group if you can’t access the site too.

3. The new/upgraded forum software is state of the art, secure and fast with some nifty new features including the new, all bells and whistles “shoutbox” I’m very proud of 🙂

If you haven’t been in the forums before, they’re quiet and friendly unlike many others and we keep it this way with loads of information and helpful paddlers to guide you safely on and off the water. Give it a go!

tight lines and safe paddling

Andy Winter

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