Ocean Prowler Big Game 2

This is very exiting news for me, (site owner) Andy as I paddled the first version for about 5 years and loved it to bits! I now paddle an OK Ultra 4.3  and love it but I do also miss my BG and would love another in all honesty! As a stocky guy I find them so stable, riggable and just the ultimate fishing platform if I’m honest! I sincerely hope they do well and can see them being a huge success in the UK. There’s so many big guys looking at getting a kayak and trying the sport even just for a few sunny Mackerel in the height of summer nowadays that these kayaks are going to be just the job for them 🙂

ocean prowler big game 2


Here’s a link to the OK site with more info… http://www.oceankayak.com/biggame/

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  1. Jeff Armstrong October 15, 2016 at 10:19 am

    I’m new to this but after a little research it soon was clear the BG2 was the kayak for a lump like me and after giving my wife a little go on a local lake we now have 2 ! I’m about 280lb and was sitting on one side with my legs in the water and didn’t feel like it would tip easy .


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