Perception Freedom Angler Edition – MY Review (by Wayne aka -Tommo)

Perception Freedom Angler Edition


I bought the freedom some 7 years ago from Bournemouth Canoes it is -13’2″‘ long 30″ wide weighing 54lbs. Max Capacity 180kg, it has

3 flush mounted rod holders and  1 front spinning rod holder (scotty) a Centre hatch (6”dia) – Front hatch –(10” rubber)

adjustable footpegs  – Drinks Bottle and holder, End Grabs and

Side Carry Handle – Padded Seat and backrest – Rear tank well with Deck Elastics.

It also came with a budget paddle.


I transport it on roof bars on an estate car without any problems. It is easy to lift on and off single handed.





The centre hatch is of the screw fitting type and I tend to keep my camera and car keys in there, despite being swamped by waves on numerous occasions I’ve yet to find any water ingress.


The front hatch is around 10” diameter and made from rubber, it is good at keeping the water out but from a fishing point of view is quite useless, it is difficult to access on dry land let alone out at sea and it’s small size restricts what tackle can be stored beneath it, if a larger oval hatch was incorporated into the Freedoms design it would lend itself more to the angling fraternity.

A C Tug will fit in the front hatch with a squeeze when it is dismantled, and only if the tyre pressures are low.


Behind the seat is a 10” diameter blank waiting to be fitted with a hatch, I managed to source a used hatch from an American site as cheap as chips and fitted it. It closes via two toggles and is water tight, beneath it I can store my anchor and drouge under the tankwell  keeping them low down to aid stabililty, there is also plenty of room directly below the hatch and under the seat to store tackle that is normally kept in the box in the tank well, I might dispose of the box I normally use in the tankwell  since fitting this hatch.





The tankwell is not that easy to reach having to lean over the rear hatch, however it offers a reasonable size and can accommodate a decent size crate/box as can be seen in the below picture.



The hull is stable and fast requiring the minimum of correction to hold a steady course, when the conditions are less than favourable the hull also slices through any waves and rough water with ease, any water entering the deck area is quickly dispelled through the 10 scupper holes.


For those who like creaping about, the hull is also very quite, the bow displaces water very well creating very little disturbance.


The cockpit is moulded to fit the inside of your bent legs whilst sitting and paddling, this is comfortable especially as I suffer from lower back pain.This however is a disadvantage if you want to sit ‘side saddle’ as you tend to slide into the seating area, but I find it more comfortable than Yaks with flat bottomed cockpits.



I fitted a fish finder as can be seen above, the transducer was glued to the inside of the hull directly beneath the seat, the battery is stored in a plastic box  which sits nicely between the front scupper hole posts inside the hull.

The drink bottle holder is a good idea and gets used a lot.


The Freedom is a fast Yak, though  not as stable as eg. Big Game or X factor, I would term it as an all rounder capable of most fishing applications within sensible water/sea conditions.


It is a stable fishing platform allowing the capture of some decent fish (see below)

Kayak cod 20611












I have Recently added a water proof camcorder to the front of the Kayak which adds an extra dimension along with the stills of a Yak fishing trip, and also some zebra/tiger stripes to the hull. I’ve changed the seat and back rest for a perception design which is lower, enabling easier access to the tankwell .


The above review was written a good few years ago, I have since changed kayak’s and now have an Ocean Kayak Elite 4.1. Here is a couple of pictures of the Elite and Freedom side by side to compare the hull and deck shape.







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