Personal Stats

Here’s some helpful hints on getting the best of buying clothing. Personal statistic sizes mean a lot to us as we can advise you faster and more efficiently. If you poke around the internet these days and look for clothing and equipment you’ll find a hell of a lot of it but you can’t touch it, you can’t try it on and the pictures aren’t always the best. So, the best thing to do is have a tailors measuring tape and measure your neck, chest, waist, hips, shoulder to shoulder (important for dry suits eg: I’m a M Broad not M). Measure your inside leg and obviously foot/shoe size is known to us all as is our height.

All this is paramount to choosing the right kayak, the right attire and simply goes hand in hand with the sport. In our site forums we implemented ‘stats’ into members profiles so they can fill in the form which in turn gives us their stats so when they ask a question we can look and reply with the correct answer without needing to repeatedly ask 🙂