Choosing the correct Personal Floatation Device is essential!

Nearly everyone joining our forums and/or Facebook group asks this question, “which PFD do I buy?” and it’s not easy to answer as we don’t know their stats so have to ask. The best thing to do is know your height and weight. Most PFD’s are 50n (neutons are buoyancy measurements) and will be suffice for the majority of paddlers but if your a larger person and are a lot heavier then maybe choose one of the newer 70n ones available or go for a ‘crewsaver’ type life jacket as I personally wear aboard my Hobie Outback. The chances of me being tipped off are outrageously ridiculous (never say never though) and the 150n are ample if I did tip and lose connection with the kayak I could simply self inflate the jacket and call for assistance.

a minimalistic life jacket lets me pedal without a full on PFD getting shoved up over by my thighs but if I ever tipped I could also swim back to the ‘yak easier as there’s less to hamper my arm movements.

Now due to the fact you’ll be fishing at sea or lakes and could tip off you need a PFD that will allow you to re-enter the yak safely without front pouches/pockets catching on the kayak and gear. This one I’m linking to rather than use their image (for copyright laws) is ideal as the pockets are flush and the arms/straps are minimal to allow plenty of paddling (it’s a white water PFD).

my old Nookie Explore 2, £90 but it’s worth it! What’s the cost of a life? Your PFD should be carefully chosen and not skimped on!

You can wear a ‘touring’ PFD as having lots of tackle and accessories we love pockets as anglers but you MUST make sure you can re-enter the ‘yak safely! Any PFD with a belt buckle at the front or pockets needs to be checked for re-entry so do be aware when choosing one. Flush pockets are always best and also a knife attachment is valuable too!