RYA SafeTrx App

Download it, register and use it!

RYA SafeTrx

The CG66 scheme has now been replaced by the ‘SafeTrx’ app as of 2018. If you are a Kayak Angler (or any other inland craft) planning to fish around the UK coasts, don’t forget to register your kayak with the RYA SafeTrx app, the safety system that supersedes CG66, free to download and use.

If you get into trouble on the water you can save a lot of trouble and speed up a rescue by simply registering your details. The app monitors your journeys and alerts emergency contacts should you fail to arrive home on time. Do keep you’re mobile phone charged prior to venturing out and a dry bag or box is essential. Always stay with you’re kayak/craft!

The app is available on Android and Apple iOS smartphone. You can also register an account on the RYA website.

Feel free to spread the word and distribute this page info around the UK 🙂