Site Rules


Please take the time to read this prior to registering with the site and forums

Since 2005 when the site was born I’ve never had to rely on rules but as of 2013 I’ve decided to implement rules to combat any misunderstanding or abusive behaviour ย in our site and forums. As site owner and forum admin it is my duty to be responsible for ALL actions within the forums and site and despite what you may read in other sites.


As site owner I MUST take full responsibility for all posts and comments you make within my web-site.ย  Seeing as I’m unable to be here 24/7 to police the site mostly due to the background maintenance work I do as well as my own business outside of the site, I ask the assistance of “moderators” to help look after your needs and also police the comments and forums in case of any abusive behaviour! These ‘mods’ are carefully chosen by myself and usually consist of regular, friendly forum users with a calming and outgoing attitude towards other members who can act in a responsible manner to resolve any issues.


As a site member you are obliged to conduct yourself in an adult manner and generally behave but seeing as your an adult reading this you don’t really need to be told that do you ๐Ÿ˜‰ We’re mostly all guys who are here at Kayak Fishing UK ‘cos we share the interest of the sport and all the fun that goes with it so let’s all be nice and do our best to help each other get the best out of this fantastic sport!

If you can’t agree to be nice and help others within this site or wish to publicly humiliate and degrade another member then please don’t read any further and simply move on! We don’t want you here.


We’ve been building the forums since 2004/5 up and right now they’re the best we’ve ever had with more and more new users realising just how good it is in the site. As site owner I’m very protective of that and will do anything to protect my members so if you do decide to post nasty comments or anything regarded as such by myself or a moderator or another member then I will not hesitate to delete your account and if need be report you to your ISP (internet service provider) who has the power to revoke your net connection AND also blacklist you to other ISP’s so think prior to posting!

I hope that clarifies things for you so we all know where we stand? I think we’d all agree that we don’t need a list of “rules and regulations”, all we need is a lot of common sense and good will towards each other ๐Ÿ™‚

Andy Winter

Kayak Fishing UK