Thursday 17th July

  1. Me n Fozally (Steve) got out at 7am to fish a local wreck/hard ground a mile n a half off Roker harbour, Sunderland. We both ran late so just took it easy and got on the water for 8am fully kitted out with rigs on ready to go. We paddled South to the mark to join an old guy already on it who had a few Pollack and small stuff but Fozzy took over the joint with his “jigga” rig and being anchored in the middle of it too which I thought was a bold move on such a big tide but he sat there n raked in the fish whilst me n all other boats around him picked up small stuff :rock:

    The tide picked up on the ebb after a couple of hours and I sat there in the flow next to fozzy with 2 lure rods out as I’d left my bait rigs in the van thinking I had some in the box doh! So I wasted some re frozen crab bait but still managed a canny pollack on daylites :)

    I’m kinda glad MikeBram missed us if am honest cos he’d have struggled to cope in the current and fish but could’ve tied off to fozzy I suppose but I wouldn’t of been out there on a Kaafu alone :wait: I got a call from Mikebram on the way in as he’d spotted up nearing the harbour so we met up at the mouth of the harbour n paddled in together. I was challenged to a race on the way in but won’t bother going on about it ;)

    Here’s a few pics of todays action, I got some vid but will send it to the video meister for editing…


    Fozzy’s catch, fookin belta 8)


    Andy – Mike Bram – Fozally


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