Whether or not it looks nice ALWAYS check the weather prior to launching!

kayak fishing sea fret
Here’s a prime example of how changeable the coast can be. I’d left my caravan one day at Warren Mill (Budle Bay Caravan site) to head down to Beadnell 8 miles South and it was spot on but when I reached the coastal road I saw this! FRET! That wall of grey was looming over the coast and could roll in any second causing pea soup fog so I cancelled the trip 🙁

Most people walk around town, work or where ever not taking notice of our surroundings but as anglers its different because we need to know the forecast and especially out there on a kayak a mile or two off shore!

I check three web-sites the days leading up to my next trip out and on the day of it as well as the hour I’m packing up to go. The coast where I live (North East England) is very changeable and needs to be monitored carefully. On land the wind can seem harmless but a westerly wind to me over 12mph could stop me paddling in from a mile or so off the coast. I once was a mile and a half off shore when a Westerly picked up that wasn’t forecasted at around 18 mph and it took me an hour to paddle back in on a Prowler Big Game alone. That was a scary time for sure! I just kept looking at the sea for the bubbles and foam off the waves splashing in my face to make sure I was moving forward.

An off shore wind might seem fine as you launch but if you look right out to sea and see ‘white tops’ (wind blowing tops off waves) then it’s really not a good idea to go out that far or at all!

The tide can also play a large part of this scenario because if the wind is blowing off shore and the tide is ebbing then you’ll be pushed as well as pulled out to sea faster than you can paddle back in. If the wind is blowing on shore then the sea will more than likely lift and we don’t like that do we? So all these scenarios play a huge part of kayak fishing and we need to learn and observe both wind and tides in order to stay safe.

Here’s a link to the met office site to an article about Cumulonimbus clouds. If you look outside and see these heading your way just go back inside lol

cumulonimbus clouds, they bring rain ans storms with them – avoid!